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Bug Triage Day – Sunday April 6th 2008

Posted by grundleborg on April 2, 2008

On Sunday April 6th 2008, there will be a bug triage day starting at 0:00 UTC (thats 16:00 PST on Saturday or 02:00 CEST on Sunday) and running until 23:59 UTC. The focus of this day will be Konqueror bugs. The aim is to create test-cases or verify as many bugs as possible. This will help the Konqueror developers be able to fix more bugs more quickly.

All help will be hugely appreciated, and there are minimal requirements to take part. You don’t need to be a programmer to take part – this is a perfect opportunity for users wanting to support KDE to help out. You can stay for as long or as short a time as you like, and can join at any point during the 24 hour period.

All that you need to take part is a computer running KDE 4.0.x or SVN trunk. We will coordinate the day via irc on the channel #kde-bugs on Please be sure to join that channel if you want to join in.

For more information, please see the techbase page.

4 Responses to “Bug Triage Day – Sunday April 6th 2008”

  1. Does this include khtml? 🙂 I will certainly join the triage 😀

  2. grundleborg said

    yes it will. In fact, khtml will probably be our main area of focus for this day (with other parts of Konqueror to follow on future bug-days ;))

  3. Blau Zahl said


    In fact, the devs have requested that we make as many test cases as we can stand to. So if you are good with javascript, it would be especially nice if you can help out.

    Even if not, there is still plenty to do, look at the constantly changing/improving techbase pages!

  4. […] More information on the triage day can be found in my previous blog entry. […]

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