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KDE+Telepathy Summer of Code Ideas

Posted by grundleborg on February 22, 2009

Calling all students who are/would like to be KDE hackers with an interest in real-time communications. The drive  to get Telepathy integrated  with KDE needs you!

The magical moment in the year when Summer of Code proposals start flooding in is fast approaching. This time last year, I was working on my own proposal, which was the first major coding I did in KDE. Now, one year later, I find myself putting together proposals on Techbase to try and encourage others to take part in Summer of Code.

So, if any of the following ideas sound cool to you, why not make a proposal, or come and talk to me (grundleborg) in #decibel on IRC.

1) Telepathy Chat Logger: A program which will log into Akonadi the text of all chats you have with your buddies (except when you go off-the-record, of course).

2) Telepathy Integration into your favourite KDE app: Why not add collaborative features to your favourite KDE app, or add multiplayer capacity to your favourite game so it can be played with your Jabber buddies?

3) Telepathy + Plasma: Theres loads of cool potential in making plasma aware of your presence and your contacts who are online.

4) Something else awesome: There’s bound to be loads of cool possibilities I haven’t thought of for Telepathy in KDE. Feel free to suggest your own ideas, and if it’s feasible, I’d love to be your mentor.

For more information about any of the ideas mentioned here, take a look at thet Techbase ideas page.

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