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KDE Pim Krush Day 2

Posted by grundleborg on June 7, 2008

After the first small but successful Krush Day, we are having another this Sunday. If you didn’t make it last time (or even if you did), please come along to #kde-bugs and help keep KDE rocking.

The following announcement will appear on the dot as soon as they resolve the technical difficulties, but since its past midnight here, and I can hardly stay awake any longer, I’ll post it here first.


This Sunday (8th June), the KDE Bugsquad will host a KDE PIM Krush day. The aim of the day will be to find and document as many of the bugs in the PIM applications of the upcoming KDE 4.1 release as possible. The day will begin at 0:00 UTC on Sunday and continue until the day is over throughout the world. Krush Days are an excellent opportunity for KDE users keen to make their first contribution to the KDE project. You don’t need to set aside a huge amount of time – as little as ten minutes will be enough to do some testing – nor do you need to have any programming experience. All you need is a recent version of KDE. KDE 4.1 Beta 1 will do, or a newer version from SVN. If you don’t want to install KDE 4.1 on your system, then the Virtual Machine Image kde4daily is ideal. Just come along to #kde-bugs on where the Bugsquad will help you get started. More information can be found on the Krush Day Techbase page.

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KDE PIM Krush Day is now!

Posted by grundleborg on May 25, 2008

OK, so this really should have been announced before, but due to a combination of factors including my being offline for 2 days (and still on a very unreliable connection), it didn’t get announced.

Today will be the first of several days focused on finding bugs in KDE PIM 4.1 alpha/beta releases. KDE PIM (which includes Kotnact, KMail, Akregator, KNode and several other PIM apps) has not yet been released with KDE 4, and these days aim to spot as many bugs as possible in them so they can be fixed before the final release.

In order to take part, you will need a copy of KDE SVN trunk, or an aplha/beta/snapshot version of KDE 4.1. If you don’t have any of these, there is a Live DVD (about 900mb) created specially so you can join in with the Krush day anyway. Come and join us at #kde-bugs on, and look at the Techbase page for where to detail bugs you find.

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