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Telepathy @ Akademy

Posted by grundleborg on July 1, 2010

I’ll be setting off for Akademy at some unearthly hour tomorrow morning, but before I go it’s time for a bit of shameless self-promotion:

On Saturday morning at 10:30 in Room 2, I’ll be giving a talk about Telepathy and KDE. If you want to know what’s going on with Real-time communication and collaboration in KDE, come along – that’s exactly what this talk is about. We’ll be looking at some of the cool stuff that’s already been done, and, even more excitingly, some of the totally crazy new ideas that Telepathy makes possible for us in the future.

If you think Telepathy sounds cool, and want to get hacking on some Collaborative stuff, there’ll be a workshop on Wednesday afternoon in Area 3. There will be Telepathy developers on hand to help you get started on hacking Collaboration or Communication features into you application of choice. No prior knowledge of Telepathy is necessary to take part in the workshop. Since the Akademy schedule doesn’t show the descriptions of the workshops, I’ve pasted the abstract I wrote below:

Telepathy is a cross-desktop framework for real-time communication and collaboration. Built as a series of components centred around DBus, it provides an extensible abstraction layer allowing for easy implementation of communication and collaboration features in applications.

Hosted by the maintainers of Telepathy/KDE and TelepathyQt4, this workshop will help developers understand what can be done with Telepathy and get started using it. The workshop will involve:

  • Getting development environments up and running with all the necessary bits to develop and test Telepathy/KDE applications.
  • An introduction to the Telepathy libraries: how they are used and what can be done with them.
  • Gathering ideas for useful communication and collaboration features that we could implement.
  • Getting started hacking on some of them.

Participants are invited to take part for all or as much of the afternoon as they can manage. Prior knowledge of Telepathy is not a requirement – there will be several Telepathy developers on hand to help you get started.

And of course, if it wasn’t completely obvious already:

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