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Happy Bug Day

Posted by grundleborg on May 4, 2008

Not only is it Star Wars day today, it is also Bug Day 3. So don’t miss out. Come on down to and join #kde-bugs to hit the party. Today we’re triaging some general Konqueror bugs. It’s great fun, really addictive and the best part is YOU can do it! You don’t need to be a programmer, nor do you need any prior experience of bug triaging. Our friendly Bugsquad will answer all your questions whatever your level of experience. So why wait any longer? Join #kde-bugs now!

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Bugsquad Update (with stats and screenshots)

Posted by grundleborg on April 25, 2008

Statistics are great. There lots of fun to invent and people love reading them. But there is one thing that brightens a blog-reading session even more – Screenshots. And without further ado, let me present what was once thought to be and impossible feat – an interesting bug-triage screenshot!

Notice several exciting things in that picture. Firstly the number of KDE bugs overall has decreased by 87 in the last 7 days. Its been months and months since the last time KDE decreased the bug-count, and even then, not by a margin as substantial as 87! Next, notice that Konqueror’s weekly bug change is -100. Yes, it is actually in the green and has 100 less bugs open than a week ago.

This improvement is a result of the dedicated work of the KDE Bugsquad. Since the last bug day they have meticulously sorted and double checked all the bugs we triaged with the end result that over 100 could be closed.

The numbers of the bugsquad have also swollen thanks to the two recent bug days. We now have a busy IRC channel, about half-a-dozen full-time triagers and countless others who drop in to help out when they can spare some time. In particular, our thanks must go to blauzahl, lemma, nixeagle, talavis and krop who have worked tirelessly since the end of the last bug-day to make such a positive impact on Konqueror’s bug count, as well as all the people who took part in the bug-days themselves.

If you have missed out on all this fun, then don’t worry, we’ll be announcing our next bug-day soon – once we have ironed out all the details. In the meantime, come to #kde-bugs on and we’ll help you get involved straight away.

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Bug Day 2 Special Requests

Posted by grundleborg on April 19, 2008

Don’t forget, bug day 2 is tomorrow – 20th April. Come and join the fun – yes that means YOU! By reading this blog, you almost certainly meet the one requirement to join the bug squad – you’re a KDE user. Read my earlier post to find out more.

We also have some bugs that require setups we don’t all have available to test. So, if you can meet any of the requirements below, please come to #kde-bugs on and shout out to us any day, any time. We’d love to have your help to assess just a few bugs.

  • Your computer is set to Japanese locale.
  • You know about or use right-to-left languages like, for example, Arabic.
  • You can read hindi (Devanagari script).
  • You have a slow computer (<1GHz) running KDE

If you fit any of the criteria listed above, please drop by on IRC and shout. We’d really appreciate your help to fix a few bugs.

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Announcing Konqueror Bug Day 2 – Sunday 20th April 2008

Posted by grundleborg on April 16, 2008

After the massive success of the first in this series of bug-days on 6th April, it’s time to have another. The mission for Sunday 20th April will be to complete the work we started on the first day.

The bug-day will run from 0:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC (that’s an 02:00 CEST or 16:00 Saturday PDT start), although if you can’t wait until then you are welcome to start early. We’ll coordinate via the channel #kde-bugs. For more information, the Techbase page for the bug day can be found here.

Bug triage is a great way to do your bit for the KDE community. You don’t need to be an expert, or even a programmer. All you need is a running KDE installation and a few spare minutes (just 5 minutes is enough to make a difference). Its a great way to make your first steps in getting involved with KDE.

For more information about what bug triage is, and what the bugsquad does, see the Techbase Bugsquad Guide. If you have any questions, the friendly Bugsquad crew are always available on IRC (#kde-bugs) or on the mailing list, where we will be pleased to help you out.

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