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Amarok Bug Day – Sunday 15th June

Posted by grundleborg on June 14, 2008

In case there are some people out there who still haven’t heard, the Amarok bug day will kick off in just over 12 hours time. its going to be great! An exciting app like Amarok, combined with the satisfying work of bug triage makes for a perfect Sunday outing – and all from the comfort of you big, many-wheeled, rotating computer chair. No programming skills or previous experience required. Just lean forward in your executive chair and type /join #kde-bugs and you will become part of the action.

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Sunday 1st June – Konqueror Bug Day

Posted by grundleborg on May 31, 2008

I’m sorry, but I’m writing yet another post today! Tomorrow (Sunday, June 1st) we will have another Konqueror Bug Triage Day. Details, as usual on Techbase. Hopefully we can finish the Konqueror-general bugs at last this weekend!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last three months, here’s the obligatory introduction to Bug Days.

Bug Days are run regularly by the Bugsquad. We take an application and look through all its old bug reports, seeing which of them can be reproduced on recent versions of KDE, and which cannot. For those bugs that still exist, we try to provide as much detail as possible to make it easier for the developers to fix them. Bug Days are a great way to contribute to KDE because you don’t need any programming knowledge – just a copy of a recent version of KDE (or if you don’t have that, use KDE4daily or the Bugsquad LiveCD). Come to #kde-bugs on where we coordinate the day’s work. You can come for as short or long a time as you like – every little helps!

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Bug Day 4 has begun

Posted by grundleborg on May 18, 2008

Bug Day 4 has begun. Come and help us clean up konqueror bugs. We’re gathering in #kde-bugs at this moment!

In case you don’t already know Bug Days are a great way to help KDE, even if you have no programming experience at all. The Bugsquad are a really friendly bunch, honest, so don’t worry about asking dumb questions – we won’t flame you!

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BugDay 2 Results

Posted by grundleborg on April 21, 2008

Bug Day 2 is over, and I’m happy to announce that we have completed the triage of KHTML bugs. However if you missed out, do come along and help, as there is still lots of work to do. We’ve got to double check and follow up on hundreds of bugs before the task is properly complete.

Now for the statistics I promised. (Disclaimer: I make no guarantees that these statistics are any more accurate than the results of a monkey trying to write Shakespeare on a typewriter. If you want to be certain, check for yourself.)

  • Over 100 people visited our IRC channel during the day, with a peak of 60 at the same time at one point.
  • 18 people tackled at least one set of bugs each (up from 11 on bug day 1), with a total of 27 months of bugs being triaged, containing a total of…
  • 500 bugs triaged.
  • ~100 bugs were not present in the current svn trunk of Konqueror, so these will either be scheduled for backporting or closed in due course.

However, in my opinion, the most pleasing thing that happened on the bug day was the response to my half way update blog post. I asked if anyone could help us with some Outlook Web Access and Printing bugs since none of the active triagers were able to test these bugs. Within ten minutes of posting the blog, 2 people had already come to the IRC channel to volunteer to help with these two requirements. Within 2 hours, at least 6 people had come forward. This just shows what a healthy community KDE has – that people are so readily willing to step forward and help out.

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Bug Triage Day – Halfway Update

Posted by grundleborg on April 6, 2008

So, we’ve been hard at work for just over 12 hours now, and the bug triage day is going great. Thanks to a team of triagers based mainly in America and Asia (and a few nocturnal Europeans), we’re down 172 bugs already. The IRC channel has 26 people in it right now, which is great considering it hasn’t got much past 5 for the last year. Its great that there are so many people joining in to take their first steps in KDE development.

So now, the remaining half of the bug day should be far more productive. The Europe-based triagers are far more numerous than their Asia and America based counterparts, and they have just started to come online in the last few hours, so I hope that by the end of the day we will have far exceeded double the current tally.

Most importantly, we’re only half way through, which means *you* can still join in! Come to #kde-bugs on and help keep KDE great.

I’ll be back with another update in about 12 hours when the day is complete. In the meantime, join the party! You’re missing out!

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