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BugDay 2 Results

Posted by grundleborg on April 21, 2008

Bug Day 2 is over, and I’m happy to announce that we have completed the triage of KHTML bugs. However if you missed out, do come along and help, as there is still lots of work to do. We’ve got to double check and follow up on hundreds of bugs before the task is properly complete.

Now for the statistics I promised. (Disclaimer: I make no guarantees that these statistics are any more accurate than the results of a monkey trying to write Shakespeare on a typewriter. If you want to be certain, check for yourself.)

  • Over 100 people visited our IRC channel during the day, with a peak of 60 at the same time at one point.
  • 18 people tackled at least one set of bugs each (up from 11 on bug day 1), with a total of 27 months of bugs being triaged, containing a total of…
  • 500 bugs triaged.
  • ~100 bugs were not present in the current svn trunk of Konqueror, so these will either be scheduled for backporting or closed in due course.

However, in my opinion, the most pleasing thing that happened on the bug day was the response to my half way update blog post. I asked if anyone could help us with some Outlook Web Access and Printing bugs since none of the active triagers were able to test these bugs. Within ten minutes of posting the blog, 2 people had already come to the IRC channel to volunteer to help with these two requirements. Within 2 hours, at least 6 people had come forward. This just shows what a healthy community KDE has – that people are so readily willing to step forward and help out.

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Bug Day 2 Special Requests

Posted by grundleborg on April 19, 2008

Don’t forget, bug day 2 is tomorrow – 20th April. Come and join the fun – yes that means YOU! By reading this blog, you almost certainly meet the one requirement to join the bug squad – you’re a KDE user. Read my earlier post to find out more.

We also have some bugs that require setups we don’t all have available to test. So, if you can meet any of the requirements below, please come to #kde-bugs on and shout out to us any day, any time. We’d love to have your help to assess just a few bugs.

  • Your computer is set to Japanese locale.
  • You know about or use right-to-left languages like, for example, Arabic.
  • You can read hindi (Devanagari script).
  • You have a slow computer (<1GHz) running KDE

If you fit any of the criteria listed above, please drop by on IRC and shout. We’d really appreciate your help to fix a few bugs.

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Bugsquad Mailing List

Posted by grundleborg on April 4, 2008

Thanks to the wonderful KDE sysadmins, the bugsquad now has its very own, shiny new mailing list: bugsquad AT kde DOT org. So, if your interested in helping make KDE even better by triaging bugs, joining the mailing list is the place to start.

Since I’m writing about bugs, I can’t not remind people about the Konqueror triage day this Sunday (6th April) starting 0:00 UTC. Join the mailing list, come to our irc channel, #kde-bugs, and do your bit to help keep KDE the best free desktop environment. Anyone can do bug triage – all you need is the will to help.

More information on the triage day can be found in my previous blog entry.

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Bug Triage Day – Sunday April 6th 2008

Posted by grundleborg on April 2, 2008

On Sunday April 6th 2008, there will be a bug triage day starting at 0:00 UTC (thats 16:00 PST on Saturday or 02:00 CEST on Sunday) and running until 23:59 UTC. The focus of this day will be Konqueror bugs. The aim is to create test-cases or verify as many bugs as possible. This will help the Konqueror developers be able to fix more bugs more quickly.

All help will be hugely appreciated, and there are minimal requirements to take part. You don’t need to be a programmer to take part – this is a perfect opportunity for users wanting to support KDE to help out. You can stay for as long or as short a time as you like, and can join at any point during the 24 hour period.

All that you need to take part is a computer running KDE 4.0.x or SVN trunk. We will coordinate the day via irc on the channel #kde-bugs on Please be sure to join that channel if you want to join in.

For more information, please see the techbase page.

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