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KDE Telepathy 0.1 – Part 5 of 5 – The Future

Posted by grundleborg on August 7, 2011

In the final part of this mini-series to mark the first Technical Preview release of KDE-Telepathy, I’m going to outline a little bit about the future.

Our immediate plans are further stabilisation. We’ve already received a fair few bug reports and feature requests, and we expect to receive many more. We’ll try to fix as many of these as we can and hopefully put out a 0.2 release in the next couple of months. I’ll leave it to our newly appointed “Release Manager” to announce exactly when this will happen.

Those of you who have been following the blogging and development around KDE Telepathy will probably be wondering what happened to all the Nepomuk integration. Lots of it is already implemented and here at the Desktop Summit I’m adding some final polish and performance improvements to it so that it will be usable soon. Expect the beginnings of this to land in an 0.3 release, at an as-yet-undefined point in the future. This means MetaContacts (or People as we prefer to call them) will not land in the next release but should be present in the one afterwards.

8 Responses to “KDE Telepathy 0.1 – Part 5 of 5 – The Future”

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  2. matt said

    a nice think in part 4 was the link to the other parts 😉 – so here you go – the whole series:
    part 1:
    part 2:
    part 3:
    part 4:
    part 5:

    the only question i have i asked already on part 2 😉 – but your text arouses anonther one: where will your release manager announce stuff??

  3. I’m looking forward to KWallet integration. I would be using it full time if I didn’t have to input my password everytime I logged in;)

  4. matt said

    is there a possibility to import kopete contacts + chat history??
    btw – i just found “Instand Messaging and VOIP-Accounts” in System Settings (kde 4.7). Thats you guys isn´t it??

    • grundleborg said

      Kopete – I hope so. We haven’t written a migration tool yet, but it’s on the roadmap.
      and yes, that’s KDE-Telepathy in system settings.

  5. Any plans to integrate OTR when it’s supported by Telepathy? This guy is working on it:

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