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On Release Roadmaps and Developer Sprints (with a Telepathy-ish slant)

Posted by grundleborg on August 2, 2010

Release Roadmaps

The KDE/Telepathy project has gained a lot of momentum in the last few months, and many of the basic components we planned to build have started to take shape. As a result, it’s time to start thinking about getting some of that code out there for testing. So, we’re planning to make a preview release some time this autumn. This release will be installable on top of KDE Platform 4.5, and will be suitable for power-users and testers who don’t mind a bit of breakage. We haven’t got a date set yet, but you can track the progress towards this release by looking at the dependency tree of the release bug.

Developer Sprints

In order to get all the separate Telepathy components we’re writing nailed down and working nicely together, and to allow API and Nepomuk usage review, we’ll be having a developer sprint. It will take place from 17th-20th September in Cambridge, UK (venue kindly provided by Collabora). More information about this sprint can be seen on its wiki page.

One Response to “On Release Roadmaps and Developer Sprints (with a Telepathy-ish slant)”

  1. mutlu said

    This is great news! I am really looking forward to the telepathy implementation. Now we have to wait until fall… 😛

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