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Back for another Summer

Posted by grundleborg on June 18, 2010

I’m finally free from exams and back for another summer of KDE-hacking. While I’ve been gone, Dario has been doing some awesome work on KDE Telepathy integration, and Daniele has got underway with the great “Tubes SoC Project“. It’s great to see all this stuff happening.

Now for my plans for the summer (I hope to achieve at least half of this list before the new term starts in October):

  • First, Akademy. I’ll be giving a talk and hosting a workshop there. If you are interested in what’s going on with Telepathy or how to take advantage of it in a KDE application, then come along and listen to the talk. The workshop will be ideal for people who want to do stuff with Telepathy but don’t know where to get started.
  • Presence Plasma Applet and Dataengine. Abner did some great work getting them into shape last year, but the Telepathy framework has gained a few extra relevant features and they have bit-rotted a little, so one of my first aims for the summer is to get them up to release quality.
  • Account UI – This has been working OK for a year or so now, but it needs some usability/UI design work, and some design changes internally to make it ready for general consumption. Getting this done is aim #2
  • Telepathy/KDE library preview release. Dario and Daniele are doing some great work on writing KJobs for doing Telepathy tasks. This, along with the widgets from the contactlist and chat UI, will end up in a library for applications to reuse when adding Telepathy features. We need to get this library constructed and make a preview release.
  • Preview release of all the KDE Telepathy integration. I’d like to get a release out before the end of this summer that will give a preview of KDE-Telepathy. This would be installable on KDE S.C. 4.5 allowing it to be tested and experimented with before it is mature enough to consider inclusion with the KDE S.C.
  • Improve krfb. A bit different, but still related – I did a lot of work with krfb last summer to add tubes support to it (unfortunately not yet merged). I intend to do a bit more refactoring of krfb code and fix some more of the outstanding bugs, and merge the tubes support ready for KDE S.C. 4.6.
  • And of course:

    One Response to “Back for another Summer”

    1. mutlu said

      I am so glad you are back to continue working on this immensely important part of the desktop. Thank you for all the work you have already done and looking forward to taste the fruits of your work!


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