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Telepathy Contact List Update

Posted by grundleborg on March 24, 2010

A while ago I wrote about the Realtime Communication project – to integrate the power of Telepathy into KDE. I thought it was probably time to write a little update, so without further delay, here’s a screenshot of the Contacts List.

Telepathy Contact List Screenshot

So, what’s new?

  • Icons indicating the presence status of contacts
  • Groups! These are synchronised with the server where the IM protocol supports it.
  • Meta contacts – these are not fully implemented yet, but the little + signs next to each contact in the list show they are partially there. At the moment, fake meta contacts are created for all contacts, but support is nearly complete for real metacontacts where the user has indicated two contacts belong to the same person.

Meta contacts in particular are exciting because they use Nepomuk’s PIMO ontology, meaning that they are accessible not just to Instant Messaging applications, but can be used by any Nepomuk enabled app.

That’s all for today, but hopefully I’ll have more exciting stuff to report on soon (no promises, because I’m planning on writing unit tests for what we have so far before I implement any more new features).


5 Responses to “Telepathy Contact List Update”

  1. jospoortvliet said

    wicked work, I’m looking forward to using one IM app for all my IM needs… Now it’s quite a mess here and me doesn’t like that at all.

  2. Andrew Lake said

    yay! exciting to hear!

  3. KenP said

    Does telepathy have support for SIPE? If yes, can it be used to talk to MS Office Communicator? I run pidgin on my KDE desktop just for this reason. If I can get kopete to talk to the MS OC at my place of work, I can switch!

  4. Fri13 said

    I have tested the telepathy but I can not understand what is so wonderfull on it. Does it bring a new protocol? Do we need a new one if it does? For realtime discussion there is IRC and DCC technologies. For Instan messages there is lots of protocols.

    And hopefully this is coming to kopete.

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