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Weekly Update: Telepathy Accounts KCM and Junior Jobs

Posted by grundleborg on August 3, 2009

A week has gone by, and not only am I here writing again like I promised last Monday, but I even managed to blog once in between! So, what has been going on in the last week in Telepathy land?

Telepathy Junior Jobs

The biggest success of last week for me was the Telepathy Junior Jobs. I blogged about them last Wednesday, and already, two new contributors have submitted patches for five of the nine JJs. However, there are still some left if you want to get involved!

Telepathy Accounts KCM

  • The Account Management UI is looking a lot nicer, and now supports removing accounts, among other things contributed by the new folks. Thanks for the patches Matteo Nardi and Lorenzo Masini 🙂
  • The Add Account Assistant now fully supports plugins for custom user interfaces for different protocols/connection managers (falling back to the autogenerated generic UI when no custom plugin is available).
  • Common parameter names in the autogenerated UI are now translatable (allowing for a best attempt at localisation in the generic UI).
  • Editing accounts is partially implemented. I should finish this early this week.

Lots of finishing touches to come this week, and it should be safe for use by early-adopters by next Monday!

That’s all for this weekly update. I should be back again later this week, or else next Monday with another update.


3 Responses to “Weekly Update: Telepathy Accounts KCM and Junior Jobs”

  1. Beat Wolf said

    Will this go into kde 4.4? because i hate stuff that gets stuck in playground 😉 and from what i see telepathy gets some traction with gnome using it (or something like that) and i saw that for example the telepathy msn plugin will do video and sound, so a nice telepathy integration into kopete would be very welcome

    • grundleborg said

      I hope so 🙂

      Telepathy simply hasn’t been ready for KDE in the past, but now we are getting really close to being ready, and as you say, gaining a lot of traction. The Accounts KCM just needs a bit of tidyup/polish and a good thorough usability review, and it’ll be ready to move into trunk. The plasmoids for setting your presence are in a similar state of being very nearly ready to merge, and the Kopete plugin is progressing fast too.

      The main thing holding back moves to trunk at the moment is that telepathy-Qt4, the library we use for all this stuff, hasn’t had an API stable release yet. However, that is expected within the next month, so when it happens, there will probably be a big move to kdereview.

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