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Telepathy-KDE update

Posted by grundleborg on June 18, 2009

I haven’t written anything for a couple of months now for the same reason that I haven’t committed any code. Exams. Now they’re over it’s back to hacking. But just because I haven’t been working on Telepathy/KDE for a while doesn’t mean that nothing has been done (obviously).

The underlying TelepathyQt4 library on which all our work is based has progressed a lot, gaining support for requesting channels from the Channel Dispatcher, gaining the Client interfaces and going through what will almost certainly be the last major API redesign before it goes stable. These two advances mean that it is now possible to work on Telepathy client applications in Qt/KDE without having to play an endless game of API catch-up.

There are also two summer of code projects progressing nicely:
George Kiagiadakis (gkiagia)’s work on KCall is really exciting… I can’t wait to take part in my first video conference using KDE software!
Kaushik Saurabh (roide) is also making great progress on his Conversation Logging Framework for KDE (while not entirely a Telepathy project, it goes without saying that the two will be integrated).

And now to the future… to Friday. I’ll be at the Nepomuk Sprint in Freiburg working on integrating instant messaging buddies with the address book and the semantic desktop. I’m not yet exactly sure how this will be done, but I’ll be spending the next 2 days up until the sprint getting that nailed down, and then coding madly once I get there. I really hope there can be something photogenic as a result, since libraries provide very limited picture-potential for this blog.


4 Responses to “Telepathy-KDE update”

  1. T. J. Brumfield said

    Will TelepathyQt4 and the work on KCall further the endeavors of voice and video on koepete?

    • grundleborg said

      Yes, most definitely. It is an eventual goal to have Kopete using the telepathy framework. First, we need a mature and functional library for telepathy in Qt, which is what TelepathyQt4 will be. The work on KCall is also producing components which can be either reused in Kopete or moved into a utility library to be used by both apps.

      A lot of people keep asking about this… perhaps I should dedicate a blog post to explaining the situation in detail 🙂

      • anon said

        “A lot of people keep asking about this… perhaps I should dedicate a blog post to explaining the situation in detail”

        That would be much appreciated, thanks 🙂

  2. mmmm said

    What relationship is between Telepathy-KDE and Decibel? I have thought that Decibel is supposed to be IM/VoIP framework for KDE 4 (based on Telepathy). But it seems dead now?

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