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KDE PIM Krush Day 1 Results & Krush Day 2

Posted by grundleborg on May 31, 2008

Last Sunday the KDE Bugsquad held a Krush day for KDE PIM applications. Our aim was to find bugs in KDE’s PIM applications, which will be released for the first time in the KDE4 series with KDE 4.1. About 10 people took part in the session (which was only announced on the day) and they found about 60 issues with the applications tested, including Kontact, KMail, Akregator. About a dozen of these bugs were fixed on the day, most impressively for KOrganizer, for which nearly all the bugs found are already fixed! Many thanks to all the people who helped out to make sure KDE PIM 4.1 is as stable and reliable as possible.

Due to the success of this Krush Day, the Bugsquad will host another KDE PIM Krush day on Sunday 8th June. More information about that will come soon, but for now, just put a big X in your diary whether you are a KDE developer, bug-triager or just enthusiastic user!

One Response to “KDE PIM Krush Day 1 Results & Krush Day 2”

  1. Steini said


    will kitchensync (with opensync) also included in this release ?



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