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Bug Day 4. Oh yes, we’re still going…

Posted by grundleborg on May 14, 2008

Would you know it, its almost 2 weeks since the last bug day, so its time to get psyched up for the next one. Bug Day 4. We’ll be continuing the work started last time on the Konqueror-general bugs. There’s an article on the dot that gives the details of exactly what’s going on. I won’t repeat that all here, but the important point is, anyone can do Bug Triage… that includes you! So come along to #kde-bugs on Sunday and help make KDE rock even more.


3 Responses to “Bug Day 4. Oh yes, we’re still going…”

  1. FiNeX said

    Please correct the second link 🙂

  2. FiNeX said

    I’ll do bug reporting everywhere!!! 🙂

  3. grundleborg said

    thanks FiNeX. corrected now.

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