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Konqueror Bug Day 1: Results

Posted by grundleborg on April 7, 2008

The first bug day in a while is over, many thanks to everyone who helped out. It was great to see new people getting involved (as well as people who have been doing it many years more than me 🙂 ), and I hope everyone will be back for the next one. It won’t be next weekend (too many KDE developer events/meetings), but I’m sure it will be soon.

For those who like to measure things in numbers rather than feelings, here are some statistics. (no promises about the accuracy ;))

Products triaged: all khtml related components of Konqueror

Bugs triaged: 355.

Time period triaged: up to the end of 2004 + about half of 2005.

Bugs that could not be replicated (ie. probably fixed): 92.

New testcases written: 10’s of them, probably more than 30.

Enthusiastic new KDE contributors who are desparate for another bug-day: loads (I hope).

So, we’ve still got a fair few to go on these components, so another day is definitely in order. Its also time to work on the techbase pages, using the questions asked today as a guide to make them easier to understand. If you want to keep up with exactly what’s being planned, then you should join the bugsuad mailing list to keep up with the planning.

UPDATE: And of course, if you want to get involved in bug triaging yourself, drop by to #kde-bugs on where there are always plenty of friendly triagers to help you get started.

8 Responses to “Konqueror Bug Day 1: Results”

  1. Good to see these results, well done all. It’s a shame I didn’t have the time to come by and help out a little.

  2. LXj said

    So, 92 bugs of those 355 were already fixed? And what was done with other 263?

  3. […] был проведён первый Konqueror Bug Day. Группа пользователей рассмотрела 355 багов, висящих в Bugzill’е ещё с 2004-2005 годов, из них 92 […]

  4. Blau Zahl said

    You forgot to pimp #kde-bugs!

    If anyone is interested in learning how to help out, drop by and we’ll be happy to give a primer. Read what techbase documentation is up and tell us what you think and what you don’t understand! We’re still working on and adding to the docs.

    And yes Bram, drop by! I want to meet you. 🙂

  5. grundleborg said

    they were tested, the instructions were improved where possible, many new testcases were created etc…

    The idea behind bug triage is not the “fixing” of bugs, but sorting them out and providing easy ways to see the root cause of them so that real developers can quickly fix them. Thats why you don’t have to know programming to do bug triage!

  6. grundleborg said

    @Blau Zahl
    not any more 🙂
    Post updated.

  7. spart said

    ah… I wondered who was the mastermind behind this monstruous KHTML bug visitation spree. You did an insanely great job!
    I have now a folder full of your resurected bugs, with excellent new clues and perspectives… thank you!

  8. Blau Zahl said

    @spart: It is khtml wuv!
    And if you have any commentary on khtml bug-closing philosophy, or the results, or the stuff in techbase, please email one of us or track us down on irc.

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