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Decibel gets a TextChannel GUI

Posted by grundleborg on March 8, 2008

So, decibel finally has a demo that lets you have a “normal” text chat. All you need to do is checkout the latest version of decibel from kdereview SVN, build it, and you should have demos/textchannelgui built. So, launch decibel and start a chat with your decibel account. It should pop up with hideously ugly, but functional GUI, and you can even send messages back!

Please note that both the appearance and the code are hideously ugly! I’m going to make it less unpleasant soon (unless somebody beats me to it 🙂

Code can be found here. No screenshot yet because its just too painful on the eyes. I’ll post again soon when its looking better, and I promise there will be screenshots then.

One Response to “Decibel gets a TextChannel GUI”

  1. Sutoka said

    It’s really great to see Decibel being worked on (at least publically, as in mentioned on blogs :p) again!

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